August 4, 2021

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Earthquakes do not scare visitors to La Parguera

Lajas. It seems that the earthquakes registered yesterday in the area of ​​ La Parguera did not scare the spirits of Puerto Ricans, who today crowded the area in search of recreation.

Since the morning there was A lively atmosphere that grew as the hours passed, because at noon it was difficult to get a parking lot. Visitors paraded from one side to the other with a small fridge in hand; some with the intention of taking a boat and visiting the variety of cays, while others strolled between kiosks and restaurants to taste the distinctive culinary delights of the sector.

In the opinion of several merchants, this July 4 promised a good economic movement. , which lagged behind during the first months of the year, both due to seismic activity and the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

I understand that people have become accustomed to the tremors because when they happened, I was not there, but my assistants said that everything was normal and yesterday afternoon this was full. At the beginning of the tremors, people ran away and La Parguera was left behind, but now some people run away, but people stay, "confessed Francisco Feliú Acosta, owner of a kiosk selling skewers.

" (The economic movement) is different because with the things that are happening, with the COVID and the tremors, not everyone dares to go out and share and enjoy the summer, but yes, (yesterday) there was enough movement, not equal to one weekend of July, eve of July 4, but there was quite a lot of movement, "he added.

While the owner of the Puerto Parguera restaurant, Javier Pagán, described the panorama he experienced when the tremors of last Friday occurred. "They were very strong, there was quite an audience, (the people) were scared and they got up, but then they returned to normal. Thank God, because afterwards everything flowed smoothly and the clients stayed calm, "he said.

Several visitors feel more secure being outdoors.

This summer, there have not been many American tourists as in other years due to the situation of the pandemic the restrictions that exist at the airport, but thank God we have enough local tourists. The tremors from December to February affected a lot, almost nobody came to La Parguera, but now people are getting used to it, "he reiterated, noting that he has a protocol in case a major event arises.

It should be noted that none of the three companies that own boats reflected a decrease in their respective clients, despite the proximity of the epicenter where the recent tremors are being registered.

Heriberto Santana, who works with one of these companies, assured that when earthquake movements were registered many visitors "left, but others came." "(The tremors) felt like 'chuckles.' Some of my clients left scared because they were scared, but it was not an extreme loss. I see the normal movement, it has not been affected "he admitted.

He also stressed that he is prepared to occur some other earthquake and guides his clients that" in case the weather conditions betray us, to arise Any type of emergency is sought, yes or yes, because where it is left, where it is collected, "he said.

Another of the merchants in La Parguera mentioned that a large part of the visitors have chosen to consume their food outside establishments because they feel safer. " Many people are not leaving, they are getting used to it, they ask if they can set the tables outside because they feel safer. Whenever people come I advise them to be in places where there is no roof, that they are outdoors and do not run, "said Alberto Cancel, whose business is dedicated to selling canoes.

In fact, some interviewees agreed In that the tremor registered on Friday around 4:30 in the afternoon felt stronger than the earthquake of January 7. Even so, the visitors were confident and assured that they are not afraid that more aftershocks could occur.

"I was not here when the tremors, I arrived today and does not scare me because I know how to respond ", he mentioned For his part, Yomarilys Rivera, who was about to take a boat with his family to enjoy the natural beauties that the area offers.

Ramona Rodríguez, who also arrived with her friends from Bayamón, highlighted that a small She was frightened by the telluric event, but that did not deter her from continuing with her plans for the weekend.

Blanca Dávila, Ramona Rodríguez, Luis Rodríguez and Áurea Suárez arrived from Bayamón.

“I thought the house was falling down. But I think this is something you have to learn to live with day by day. The world belongs to the brave and we have to be there, being brave and not running away and believing that God is here for you. Nothing will happen. Nothing that God does not want, ”he pointed out, highlighting that they would stay in the southwest, since it was the first visit after the seismic sequence that began on December 28, 2019.

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