June 15, 2021

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Econo reiterates security protocols after incident in Rincón store

The Econo Supermarkets chain today reiterated its health and safety policy after the incident that occurred yesterday at the Rincón store where a tourist spit on an employee for refusing to wear a mask to enter the establishment.

Econo supermarkets comply with the protocols and recommendations established by both the Center for Disease Control (CDC, for its acronym in English) and the government of Puerto Rico, "emphasized Eduardo Marxuach, president and chief executive officer of the chain before the incident in which charges were filed against a tourist identified as Martín William Drew.

“Since the pandemic began, we have taken all necessary precautionary measures in all of our stores. At the entrance, the temperature is taken for all people (customers, employees and suppliers), the use of a mask is required to be inside the facilities, among other security measures that are taken both inside and outside our establishments " , emphasized Marxuach.

Likewise, the executive exhorted the entire community to continue complying with the protocols that have been established to keep the more than 7,000 employees safe and healthy, as well as providing an environment with the highest sanitation measures. to your consumers and suppliers. "In light of the historical moment we are going through where there has been a rebound in the cases of COVID-19, we will increase all security measures for the good of our citizens," he said.

"As leaders in the market and in compliance with our corporate and social responsibility, Econo Supermarkets will continue to ensure that these preventive and hygiene measures are fully complied with in all our 63 stores in the 47 municipalities we serve, "he concluded.

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