June 14, 2021

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Edgardo Cruz Vélez prepares to swear in

Confident that the certification issued by the State Elections Commission (CEE) will be validated by judicial means, the candidate by direct nomination for the mayor of Guánica, Edgardo Cruz Vélez, is preparing to be sworn in on the last Saturday in January.

Before the Court of First Instance of San Juan, the appeal in which he asks to invalidate the inauguration of the popular mayor Ismael “Titi” Rodríguez Ramos, who was sworn in to office on January 11, remains to be resolved. Last Friday, January 15, the EEC issued the certification that gives it victory in the contest after awarding 2,411 votes.

For this reason, he returned his investiture ceremony for Saturday, January 30 at 6:00 pm in the Guaniqueña public square, in an event in which he awaits the attendance of the main government leaders of the country, whom he requested to appear at through official invitations.

In an interview with Primera Hora, Cruz Vélez announced that he is taking the mandatory courses for an eventual swearing-in, which he hopes will be given soon.

“We have already taken the course of the Electoral Comptroller’s Office, we send our greetings to the honorable Comptroller, Mrs. (Yesmín) Valdivieso. We took this workshop on Tuesday and it was practically one that was opened for us. We are now taking the course of the Government Ethics Office so that when we begin our management and we are sure that it will be in the next few days, so that everything is done within the legal, moral and ethical framework ”, he revealed.

“We know that the defendant, Ismael ‘Titi’ Rodríguez, is prepared to appeal the decision of the First Instance in case the decision is not in their favor. We, thinking that this would be resolved once and for all in the face of the democratic emergency here in Guánica, that is why we went to the highest judicial forum, but the (Supreme Court) did not accept it that does not mean that it was a setback for us ”, he reiterated.

Although initially Cruz Vélez was calling to hold his oath for Saturday, the delay in the judicial decision made him move his plans by a week.

“It would be in the public square and we are inviting the presidents of all the parties, the electoral commissioners of all the parties, the honorable Governor Pedro Pierluisi, the Secretary of State, Larry Seilhamer, some secretaries of the constitutional cabinet and mayors of neighboring municipalities . Those are some of the guests ”, he explained.

On the other hand, Cruz Vélez reacted to the expressions of the former candidate for the mayor of San Juan for the Dignity Project, Nelson Rosario, who denied in a radio interview (WKAQ) that this community had decertified him for his sexual preference.

“His expressions are outrageous… I was a little surprised and we hope that what he said was not on behalf of the community, because, truly, for me it is past history. I’ve already turned the page and understand that your expressions were a bit off. We have always had a commitment to the truth… we are acting as we are ”, he confessed.

“I was outraged because those differences of opinions that existed are already past history. I thank the community that initially opened their doors wide for us and that during the past 80 days, they were extremely kind and made a defense of our votes (write in), not only of the Guaniqueños, but of the Puerto Ricans… one of the strongest defenses I have ever seen, ”he concluded.

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