May 15, 2021

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Education confirms that there are nine employees with symptoms associated with Covid-19 | government

After the start of work in the public education system, the Department of Education (DE) confirmed on Monday that there are nine cases of employees with symptoms associated with the coronavirus (Covid-19), according to data collected by the State agency trace.

Today, the first day of teaching, 20,156 school employees filled out the form that all employees (teachers, principals, teaching and non-teaching staff) must complete every day of their work day. Of that total, nine are associated with the virus.

The DE developed a platform a few months ago to follow up on the symptoms that the agency's employees present and that could be related to this novel disease. This implies that DE officials every day have to enter the platform to detail the Telework modality and identify if they have any type of symptoms of Covid-19, mentioned the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez.

"Yes have any kind of symptoms, what kind of symptoms, if you have had to attend work and if you have any kind of diagnosis. Eventually, this is the form that we fully administer every day. The secretary, in the first instance, is identified by a unique record with the employee number, location and submits. Every day they send to the secretary by graphs how many employees are working -in this case central level-, of what areas and what results we have, "he said.

Today, the first day of work, 27,181 teachers at 11:00 a.m. They had completed this screening, which will be shared with the Department of Health (DS) and will be part of the case tracking. "He will be able to tie the official with the municipality, with the school and eventually with that teacher's residence area. This is going to allow us to have shared data and that results in the benefit of this tracking, and that epidemiologists will eventually be able to assist in managing the pandemic, "he said.

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