August 5, 2021

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Education could announce next week its plan to restart classes

Barceloneta – Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced today at noon that "probably" the Department of Education will announce next week its plan to resume classes in the schools of Puerto Rico as of August.

“They already have a structured plan so that parents, teachers, caregivers, and citizens know the plans for the beginning of classes. There are some that will be face-to-face and we want the vast majority to be face-to-face, and those that are not, that are virtual. (They will also announce) what the DE measures are so that no child is left behind in this new school year, "said Vázquez.

The government has sufficient shelters

For its part, Vázquez Garced indicated that the The government has sufficient shelters and they have put in place a plan to reinforce the structures of the schools in response to the magnitude 4.9 earthquake that occurred in the Lajas area today, Friday.

We are working on that. Not only those structures that were listed as yellow; for these structures, there is a work plan through the Public Buildings Authority and the Infrastructure Financing Authority to strengthen these schools "said the governor.

" The red (structures classified as) will not be able to open until they receive a remodel and the structures are reinforced in some way. Later, in the middle or end of July, we will be announcing to the people that extraordinary plan in conjunction with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) regarding all schools. ”

The governor maintained that the government currently has 320 shelters, and assured that "all" will be reviewed in light of the recent tremor streak. “We are going to be checking so that they are prepared with what is necessary, such as generators and tanks, and protective equipment so that there is social distancing. We have shelters that can house about 42,000 people with social distancing, "said the first executive.

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