January 16, 2021

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Education encourages you to participate in the remote earthquake drill

In coordination with the Puerto Rico Seismic Network and the Emergency Management and Disaster Administration Bureau, the Department of Education will participate in the earthquake simulacrum Great ShakeOut this Thursday at 10:15 in the morning.

For that, the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez, invited the school communities to participate in this exercise that reviews security measures in a seismic event.

“Although our students and teachers are studying and working remotely, it is very important that they practice what to do in a large-scale earthquake, even larger than the one reported in January. It does not matter if you are at home taking or teaching classes, at work or doing any other activity; We must all be alert and know what to do before, during and after an earthquake, ”said the head of Education in written statements.

In the same way, he asked the mothers, fathers or guardians of students to be part of the effort and to involve all members of the family.

“Having a backpack ready, as well as establishing a plan, is a task that corresponds to each family. We aspire that we are all ready and know how to react in an event like this, “he added.

To participate, those interested must register by accessing the link shakeout.org/puertorico. Similarly, Hernández Pérez called for members of the school communities to take photos and publish them on different social networks with the hashtag # educacionshakeout2020.

For his part, the head of education security, César González Cordero, said that in schools, educational regions and in the central office the drill will be carried out following the protection measures against COVID-19.

“It is important that everyone, during the drill, use the mask and keep their physical distance. In addition, we remember the importance of having an emergency backpack with essential items, non-perishable food, water, masks and alcohol or hand sanitizer on hand, ”he said.

In 2019, more than 590 thousand people in Puerto Rico participated in the drill whose purpose is to carry an educational message of “Duck, cover and hold on” to protect life.

Education, through the Office of the Commissioner of Safety and Emergency Management, holds several drills during the school year. Some of these exercises are fires, tsunami, gas emissions, active shooter, among others.

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