February 25, 2021

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Education establishes attendance record for teachers and personnel authorized to telework

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SAN JUAN – From this Monday, September 21, teachers of the public education system and personnel authorized to work in the telework mode, or remotely, must register their attendance through the Kronos application through their computer, reported the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez, this Sunday night in written statements.

“All teachers will register the entrance and exit according to the regular school organization, which is 6 hours of work. There cannot be a single guideline since there are schools with alternate schedules (interlocking) and others that start at 2:00 in the afternoon, such as share schools. Every school is different. The attendance record system has always existed in Education; Even as secretary, and all my trusted team, we strike out and in. Teachers already have their computers and the platform is available for this process. Those exceptional cases will be dealt with, ”said the Chief of Education, adding that since last Friday the teachers and all DE staff received the official communication explaining the process.

For this procedure, teachers and employees who work from home will certify their presence by punching out, from their electronic device, the entry and exit of their working day.

Since July, the Department of Education (DE), through staff in the seven regional educational offices, distributed more than 21,000 computers to educators (permanent and temporary) for their professional management in their work centers. If there is any instance of a teacher without the equipment, then you must contact the school principal for the delivery of the device.

The official communication issued on Friday, Registration of attendance through the Workforce application (Kronos) for teachers and employees authorized to work in the telework mode, establishes that once the period authorized to work remotely ends, the service to register attendance remote will be interrupted. This document also includes a tutorial on how to access the application and use the electronic tool. It is available at the following link: https://bit.ly/2RL3WGk. Also, it is posted on the DE’s official Facebook page, @educacionpr.

On the other hand, Hernández Pérez clarified that the authorization for school directors to enter some sessions of teachers and students online is not a new measure, since one of the functions of these management personnel is to supervise that classes are being offered Correctly. “This instruction is not an unreasonable or arbitrary one; It is one of the main tasks of directors. Teachers need to know that virtual sessions are as if they were in-person in the classroom. There, principals can come in and observe the class. If we all do the work, there is nothing to question, “she stressed.

The secretary announced that for a few weeks he has been talking with representatives of other agencies in order to grant incentives to teachers and students for Internet access. She indicated that the negotiations are advanced and that in the coming weeks she will make the official announcement.

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