December 1, 2020

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Education prepares its staff to create virtual classrooms

The secretary of the Department of Education Eligio Hernández Pérez, reported today that 22,000 employees of the agency, including teaching and administrative staff, participated in the 10 online training sessions on the use and benefits of the application Microsoft Teams .

“In Education we appreciate the voluntary participation of the teaching and administrative staff who received your certificate of professional development contact hours. For us it is very important to continue with the technological development that facilitates a constant and direct communication between all the components of the school community through the different advances in technology . In addition, to increase the scope of the trainings, the webinars are kept recorded and available as a reference for the staff, "said the holder in written statements.

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It was indicated that the workshops started on May 21 and extended until June 11 for teachers of schools, CASA schools, correctional education, adult education and special education. Through the webinars, different Office 365 tools were offered that can be used to reinforce the teaching-learning process.

For the academic year 2020-2021, Microsoft Teams will be the tool for creating virtual classrooms where teachers can give support and supervision to their students' learning, mentioned Education. Similarly, principals and teacher facilitators will give virtual coaching to their teachers.

Staff who have not participated and want to learn about the use of Microsoft Teams, can access miescuelapr.sharepoint. com / sites / AdopcionMicrosoft365 . At the end of the workshops, you will be provided with the certificate of contact hours.

According to the Undersecretariat for Academic Affairs of Education, during the training sessions 450 discussions were generated in the Microsoft 365 support forum, 19,121 visits were made to the SharePoint community of practice portal, 27,934 on-demand views of workshops were recorded in Microsoft Stream and there was an average rate of 15,247 teachers for each workshop session (Microsoft Teams Live Event). [19659004] Dr. Eliut Flores of Digital Koru, the company in charge of the initiative, offered the workshops that were financed with federal funds Restart and a state allocation approved by the Fiscal Oversight Board , as reported.

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