May 15, 2021

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Education publishes this year's school calendar

The Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pére z, announced this Tuesday that the calendar for the academic year 2020-2021 is now available for the benefit of principals, teachers, students and members of the school communities of the Department of Education (DE).

“In Education we know that the participation of parents is especially important in the academic life of students, especially , during these difficult times that we live because of the pandemic by COVID-19. The calendar details the main activities that will be carried out throughout the school year that began yesterday, August 3, 2020, with the start of teaching work and ends on June 2, 2021, "explained the head of the DE in a statement from press.

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School year 2020-2021.

From August 3 to 10, added the official, it will be remotely for all teachers . From 11 onwards, the teaching tasks will be transferred – in person – to the schools.

The calendar will be printed and distributed to the schools and, as usual, is available on the website of the DE and directly at the link: . To download it, parents or guardians must press the image. It will also be published on the agency's social networks for greater reach and dissemination.

The school calendar does not establish the modality in which classes will be offered this school year. Said data, Hernández Pérez pointed out, is not specified because “the situation of the pandemic is changing and still uncertain. That is why the plan we design is a flexible one of constant evolution supported by scientific data and expert recommendations. We will begin classes remotely and we will take the decisions along the way. ”

As a method for parents or guardians to clarify doubts and learn about the school plan, this year the traditional Open House will take place virtually with dissemination of offers through social media and online platforms. The community is encouraged to contact the schools to find out the details of the Open House scheduled for August 14.

Students begin classes on August 17 in a distance mode due to the public health situation. The distance modality includes: online education, printed and digital teaching modules, meetings in Microsoft Teams and teleeducation. In addition, the Contact Program was established to provide assistance to those students whose circumstances do not conform to the four main alternatives.

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