January 20, 2021

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Education seeks 857 psychologists and 850 nurses

The Department of Education reported today that it is seeking 857 psychologists and 850 school nurses as part of the health and safety measures for the communities of the public education system in the face of the pandemic .

The secretary of the agency, Eligio Hernández Pérez, explained that for the hiring of temporary nurses he assigned $ 28 million of which 50% come from the federal Cares law and the remainder are from state funds approved by the Fiscal Oversight Board.

While, an allocation of $ 50 million in state funds was earmarked for the hiring of psychologists.

It was indicated that the positions of Nursing will have a monthly salary of $ 2,560 and the agency will accept applications until August 17 . Those interested must comply with a series of requirements, including having a current license to practice nursing in Puerto Rico.

In the case of psychologists, the base salary will be $ 4,490 per month and the call will be open until August 26 . They must have a valid license as a psychologist, registration and current recertification of a health professional, among other requirements.

Candidates who meet the stipulations must bring the job applications printed and completed along with the documents corresponding to the following centers in from 8:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon :

  • Arecibo – Regional Educational Office (Avenida José A. Cedeño, STE 210 B, Government Center)
  • Bayamón – Dr. Hiram González School (urbanization San Fernando street D, number 9 interior)
  • Caguas – Field of the Abelardo Díaz Morales school (Santa Gertrudis street)
  • Humacao – Regional Educational Office (Boulevard del Río Torre 2 avenue, 2nd floor)
  • Mayagüez – Regional Educational Office (Nenadich street, office 101)
  • Ponce – Complejo Ferial de Ponce ( avenida Rafael Cordero Sa ntiago)
  • San Juan – Trina Padilla School (950 Jesús T. Piñeiro avenue)

“We have seen the importance of the symptomatology surveillance system associated with COVID-19 as one of the best strategies to stop its spread. It is these professionals who will help us in the management of the pandemic and in supporting emotional health in our educational system ”, stated Hernández Pérez.

You can see the call and request for nurses here: http://intraedu.dde.pr/Convocatorias/202008130735-SIRMADO.pdf[19459004[19659002[19459005:)Youcanseethecallandrequestforpsychologistshere: http://intraedu.dde.pr/ Calls / 202008130743-SIGNED.pdf .

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