November 24, 2020

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Education signs an alliance that strengthens the curriculum of respect for animals

An alliance to give continuity to the project “Respect for all forms of life” that originated in 2018

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San Juan – The Department of Education (DE) again signed a collaborative agreement with several organizations for animal welfare, reported on Friday, the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez, in order to promote among students of the public system a humanistic vision and respect for all forms of life.

“If we put our grain of sand in preventing violence against animals, we avoid many forms of generalized violence. With this project, we seek to highlight the importance that these beings have in our society and create awareness around a serious problem of over population of animals, with projects like this we can help solve. It is a matter of public health, ”Hernández Pérez expressed in a written communication.

It is an alliance to give continuity to the project “Respect for all forms of life” that originated in 2018 and that, since then, has developed more than 1,300 teachers and 150 young promoters.

The project is made up of the organizations Movimiento Social Pro Bienestar Animal (MOSPBA), PR Alliance for Companion Animals (PR Animals) and the College of Veterinary Doctors of Puerto Rico (CMVPR).

On the part of DE, the programs of Fine Arts, Physical Education, Early Childhood and School Health work.

After signing this agreement, the group will establish the work plan that includes training, talks and activities for teachers and students, taking into account the applicable public health measures in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Humanitarian Education Program is also added to the project, which is an initiative directed and funded by the College of Veterinary Physicians to impact two schools in which a plan will be established by a certified humanitarian educator that seeks to develop empathy and respect for all forms of life and the environment.

“The Humanitarian Education Program is a project that we have been working with for some time. We are very pleased to expand this agreement with the DE that will allow us to reach a greater number of children with this curriculum of empathy and respect for all forms of life, which aims to achieve a harmonious relationship between humans, animals and the environment, ”said Dr. Frances Piñero, president of the CMVPR.

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