August 1, 2021

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Edwin Mundo hopes that on Friday afternoon they will finish counting the votes

In the case of the San Juan mayor’s office, 600 to 700 ballots still need to be counted

photo: Cybernews

San Juan – The electoral coordinator of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Edwin Mundo Ríos said that they hope to finish on Friday with the vote counting of the general elections, to begin the scrutiny.

“At 9:30 in the morning the count of all of Puerto Rico is resumed. We must finish and I hope we can finish today, because the truth is that we have been leaving the Coliseum at one and two in the morning for a week (Roberto Clemente) and there is not much strength in many of us, ”he said Mundo Ríos in a radio interview (WKAQ).

If the vote counting ends on Friday afternoon, on Monday or Tuesday they would start with the general vote count and recount.

“There will be a recount on the accumulation ballot in both the Chamber and the Senate, because the margin between which number 11 and 12 arrived is less than five percent,” he said.

Mundo Ríos said that at around 1:30 am on Friday – the time the work was completed – Representative Juan Oscar Morales maintained his seat for precinct three by 140 votes more than his opponent Eva Prados of the Victoria Ciudadana Movement.

In the case of the San Juan mayor’s office, 600 to 700 ballots from precincts 1 and 4 still have to be counted.

“But even if the representative has all (the votes) the difference is so great that it will not be able to prevail,” he said.

According to Mundo Ríos, the data currently presented on the page of the State Elections Commission are not updated.

For the governor, there are 15 thousand ballots to be counted.

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