June 14, 2021

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Eileen Vélez’s appointment to public view | government

The appointment of the designated secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), Eileen M. Vélez Vega, will be examined in a public hearing where the nominee will have to answer questions about the proposed increase in tolls.

The president of the Senate, José Luis Dalmau, anticipated that Vélez Vega was summoned to the public hearing tomorrow in the Senate Appointments Committee. In addition, he indicated that he has problems “with the agency” and with respect to the nominee he maintained that “I was in communication with her at the beginning.”

He added, however, that the commission has not received any papers against the designated person.

“I can say the concerns that exist and not with her but with the agency (the DTOP). This is an agency that has a lot of money and the agreements with the mayors to rebuild the roads have not yet begun to be seen. Recently, a public comment has been made as to whether she is going to authorize or authorize the increase in all tolls. There are some things that you have to answer us in the hearings and that will be part of your evaluation “, expressed Dalmau to questions from THE SPOKESMAN.

He argued that the mayors “so far” have not asked to speak about Vélez Vega in the public hearing.

After taking a turn during the session opposing the increase in tolls, popular senator Gretchen Hau told this medium that “at this time I am not going to advance my vote for or against the designated one.”

Senator de la Pava, Juan Zaragoza, explained that he met with Vélez last Friday and that he thought she was “a young engineer with good experience and seriousness.”

“I told him that there were delicate ‘issues’ such as the issue of tolls and road arrangements in a shared government. You have to be ready to answer whether you will handle the road improvement issue fairly. He has to show that he will act apolitical and I shared several tips with him because the DTOP is an umbrella, “he said.

The appointment of Vélez Vega has not yet been discussed in the PPD caucus or the New Progressive Party (PNP) caucus.

The new-progressive Henry Neumann aligned himself in favor of the nominee and said that he did not think she was a “political” person.

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