June 15, 2021

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El Nuevo Día podcasts arrive in your vehicle

On the way to work or back home, El Nuevo Día is with you. Now you can listen to all podcasts of El Nuevo Día in your vehicle through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, systems integrated to a wide range of car models that allow you to control some functions of the cell phone, using voice commands .

This technology developed by Apple and Google enables drivers to travel safely and with fewer distractions. Once connected, the driver will be able to see the icons of the applications that he selects, such as: music platforms, podcasts, messages and navigation systems reflected in the interface or 'dashboard' of the car.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this modality is that the driver will be able to open the applications using a voice command through Siri, in the case of Apple or Google devices for Android devices. In addition, you can easily locate the applications on the screen, since the icons can be seen in an enlarged way, simulating the icons on a smartphone.

To know the makes and models of cars available in Puerto Rico with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto access here (include link with list of vehicle models).

If your vehicle has this technology integrated, now you can enjoy all the podcasts of El Nuevo Día. Just say 'hey Siri' (or , if your cell phone is Android, 'Ok Google') followed by the command: 'open the El Nuevo Día application' and select the program you like to listen to while driving.

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