April 23, 2021

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EL VOCERO is strengthened through innovation | PRESENT

In times of pandemic, THE SPOKESMAN it has been able to respond quickly to the challenges that this crisis has presented along the way, said the president of Publi-Inversiones Puerto Rico, the company that publishes this newspaper, Salvador Hasbún.

“The reality is that we have been able to work within an environment that is not positive because we have been able to respond quickly to the changes demanded by the market,” he said.

He further affirmed that the company has been able to react effectively to make the necessary adjustments in order to continue operations without interruption.

“The media have to have the same ability to know how to adapt. All the media have to evolve and change according to the market ”, he reiterated.

He emphasized that “there is a firm commitment on our part to continue serving the needs of our readers and our customers.”

THE SPOKESMAN has kept its circulation stable at 125,000 copies per day for the past three months, ensuring its position as a market leader.

Measures to adapt

Hasbún said that there are several initiatives that were developed to face the crisis due to the spread of Covid-19, all with a clear objective: to continue informing the public.

“We made the decision to protect our employees, who are our most important asset. Thanks to them we were able to react in the way we did. And we also had to find a formula to know how to distribute the newspaper in a situation where people couldn’t go out on the streets, so we had to get the newspaper to our readers in some way, “he said.

In March, Governor Wanda Vázquez ordered a closure on the island to mitigate the effects of the pandemic that was already beginning to register the first infections in the country.

“We, as a medium, become your source of information. An ally with valuable information on how to protect yourself and on the process that the Island was going through with the ‘lockdown’ at that time, ”Hasbún said.

He commented that they adjusted the delivery of newspapers at traffic lights to be distributed directly to homes. “Overnight, we had to change the issue of distribution of lights to houses, and as always for free,” he said.

Initiatives to continue carrying the news

“We have developed a formula that has been refined; where the newspaper is now being distributed through stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, etc., and we have also returned to the lights – where the traffic begins to recover; a significant part continues to be delivered directly to homes “, explained the president of this newspaper.

He also explained that a restructuring was carried out in the itinerary of the Bienestar Total, Mírame Siempre and Zona magazines, publications that are also owned by the multimedia company Publi-Inversiones Puerto Rico. “And it was very successful. We also switched to direct home deliveries ”, he pointed out.

Projects on track

Despite the great challenges facing the industry, THE SPOKESMAN managed to expand its multiplatform with the launch of different services to respond to the needs of its audience successfully.

“Our digital platform has been the one that has grown the most, within the process we are living. And this, due to the fact that people had a greater need for information, which caused people to visit more of the media’s digital portals ”, he added.

With this scenario in mind, he explained that new sections have been created on the digital portal. “That is the case of a section called From home, which is one in which you can access – from the comfort of your home – to museums and places in the world with virtual tours,” said Hasbún.

In addition to this section, the comedy and entertainment program Los Desempleados was also developed, directed and produced by actor Danilo Beauchamp and which airs every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on elvocero.com.

Hasbún spoke about the new vintage film Friday section, by directors and producers Vicente Castro and Jorge Luis Ramos. “In the first film that we presented, at its premiere on the last Friday in August, it was possible to reach 70 thousand ‘views’,” the president said.

Another of the programs that they have developed during the time of the pandemic is Analyzing between 3, which is dedicated to debating issues of political interest with very good results.

“Now the renowned economist Gustavo Vélez has also joined us, with a business program starting this week,” Hasbún reported. “We have done this all as part of the offer to complete and meet the needs of our audience and to truly become an information and entertainment center,” he said.

“I think it is important to highlight that throughout this pandemic process, there has been an extraordinary effort on the part of our working groups. Above all, of those who have had to expose the most because they have not been able to work remotely. Those are the heroes ”, he emphasized.

THE SPOKESMAN —Which celebrates its seventh anniversary next December — is the first and only newspaper in Puerto Rico to receive the important distinction from the News Guard organization, which certifies the veracity of the information published on its digital platform.

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