June 15, 2021

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Electoral Commissioner of the PPD denounces delay in counts of Representative District 31 and Precinct 83 of Caguas

It is behind schedule due to changes in the work plan agreed with the presidency of the EEC

The electoral commissioner of the PPD, Gerardo Antonio “Toñito” Cruz, (Photo Cybernews)

San Juan – The electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo Antonio “Toñito” Cruz Maldonado, denounced on Monday that the count of Representative District 31, which includes the municipalities of Caguas 82 and Gurabo 84, is delayed due to changes in the work plan agreed with the presidency of the State Elections Commission (CEE).

In the same way, it is delayed to know the results of Precinct 83 of Caguas, which could offer a trend on the prevalence of Senator Aníbal José Torres in the Senate of Puerto Rico.

“After establishing and agreeing on a work plan so that last Sunday and today, Monday, Precincts 82 of Caguas and 84 of Gurabo would be scrutinized, when they got to work they changed the instructions. This change in the guideline is the reason why the results of Representative District 31, for which Representative Jesús Santa aspires, are still unknown, ”Cruz Maldonado denounced in written statements.

“This change also affected knowing the results of the 83rd Precinct of Caguas where Senator Aníbal José Torres accumulates, a seat that could define an absolute majority in the Senate of Puerto Rico,” he added.

Currently, briefcases of the Regular Colleges of Precincts 83 and 84 have yet to be scrutinized. According to Cruz, the Caguas 82 Precinct has been completed. Of all these Precincts, what the Absent Voting and Early Voting Administrative Board (JAVAA) has remains to be scrutinized.

“It is the responsibility of the president of the Commission to establish the guidelines to advance in this process. If we want to meet the stipulated date to finish the works before December 30, we have to be consistent with the agreed determinations and avoid having undue obstructions from PNP leaders on the floor, ”said Cruz.

“We will have to wait at least several more days to know the results of those seats.”

Commissioner Cruz expects the Official Certifications to be issued on December 31.

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