April 19, 2021

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Eligio Hernández Pérez defends the seizure of food in a Ponce warehouse

The secretary of the Department of Education Eligio Hernández Pérez confirmed that the agency confiscated today, Wednesday, a series of food in a warehouse of the dependency located in Ponce and defended the management by explaining that the products were not fit for human consumption .

Hernández Pérez reacted to a video published on Facebook [19659003] by Lorenzo Delgado known as "the Fiscal Lion" which shows people, presumably, are employees of the warehouse, pouring boxes of food into an industrial garbage can. [19659011] "The video that was presented on social networks corresponds to the food seizure process being carried out by the personnel of the food warehouse in Ponce. This process was carried out in compliance with all the requirements imposed by the federal and state food authorities os, and included the presence of the Environmental Health inspector, "Hernández Pérez indicated in a written communication.

The official added that most of the products that were seized were minimal quantities, while other products were thrown away as a result of daily handling. of food, such as dented and / or inflated cans.

"None of these foods could be included in the donation made by the Alientos School Authority (AEA) in April 2020 because, by the date of the donation, they were infected with weevils (in the case of cereals) and not fit for human consumption, "stressed the Secretary of Education.

Education also provided the media with a list of all the products seized from the warehouse located in the Park Industrial Turpeau in Mercedita. Although the document details the products and the amounts seized, as well as the monetary loss, it does not include expiration dates of the food or the reasons for which they were seized.

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"The AEA maintains seizure records as part of frequent monitoring by state and federal agencies of food inventories in warehouses. Currently, the Department of Education is supplying food and supplies in all warehouses as part of its plan prior to the start of school and the hurricane season, "emphasized Hernández Pérez.

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