June 15, 2021

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Elliot Colón Blanco is sworn in as mayor of Barranquitas

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BARRANQUITAS – This Monday the mayor of Barranquitas, Elliot Colón Blanco, was sworn in to his second term.

“We are going to work and identify the necessary funds to improve all the roads, we have started, but more is needed. The negotiations with the Highway Authority and the Department of Public Works have already begun, we trust in the state collaboration ”, said the mayor in written communication.

The ceremony was held at the City Hall Fine Arts and Reception Center.

The mayor of Barranquilla recognized the urgency of continuing the work to improve municipal roads and roads. A task that has begun since he became mayor, just over a year ago, but that requires a greater injection of funds and resources.

Another area that will have special attention in the municipal executive’s work agenda will be to improve and renovate all sports facilities in the communities. Some have already been improved, but the mayor indicated that he will work so that all are in optimal conditions for the benefit of athletes and families from Barranquilla.

He also stressed that he hopes to complete the steps to inaugurate the Pablo Marrero baseball stadium. As well as the upcoming opening of the school of fine arts in front of the public square. A space that will serve to forge artists and educate children and young people about music, art, dance and culture.

He announced the creation of a novel program to repopulate the traditional part of the town and establish small and medium businesses. ” Our program Barranquitas Restart it has begun to bear fruit with the establishment of shops in the urban area. This program will have our total collaboration to help young entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in Barranquitas, we will be an ally for them to develop their businesses ”, he said.

On the other hand, Colón Blanco explained that they have already begun to receive federal funds and from the insured on claims for damages from Hurricane María to various municipal facilities.

“Since we became mayor, we have worked with dedication and relentless for our people. The agenda for this new term is broad and will address all important issues such as housing, agriculture, sports, the arts and aid to our families with limited resources ”. He called for a union for teamwork to help advance progress in Barranquitas after the electoral contests have concluded.

Colón Blanco, on the other hand, reported that they are in the process of identifying spaces in the urban area for the development of housing for families with limited economic resources. It will strengthen the services offered to the elderly and in addition, it reported, they will continue to be vigilant in all efforts against COVID-19 that began last March.

“I am honored to have the trust of our people to continue our work of government. There are important plans underway that we will follow up to completion. We trust that, as the issue of the pandemic is worked on, we can create spaces to improve the income of our small and medium-sized merchants, we know they have been affected since closures began to be implemented in March due to executive orders, We are going to collaborate with all of them so that they can return to normality ”, he concluded.

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