June 12, 2021

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Eva Prados challenges postal and early ballots and calls for a new election

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The candidate of the Citizen Victory Movement to representative for the Representative District 3 of San Juan, Eva Prados Rodríguez, presented on Thursday a petition to challenge the results of the State Elections Commission (CEE), which certified Juan Oscar Morales as the winner of the election.

The petition, filed both in the Court of First Instance and before the House of Representatives in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Electoral Code of 2020, requests the holding of a new election due to the impossibility of generating a reliable and accurate result.

“In our petition we present eight (8) causes of challenge to the legality, reliability and certainty of the votes reported for the early voting and absentee voting modalities. If successful, the challenges would change the results of the general election in Representative District 3, ”said Prados Rodríguez in written statements.

On the one hand, the lawsuit challenges the validity and legality of over 200 legislative ballots for alleged findings of fraud, because it understands that they do not match the number of validly registered voters or were cast in violation of the laws and regulations for early voting in that district. representative. The validity and reliability of the results reported in schools of the early and absentee voting units are also questioned, because in his opinion, the vast majority consisted of briefcases without electronic or manual tally sheets, incident records and lists of voters.

Prados Rodríguez added that “these irregularities, contrary to the Constitution, the law and the regulations, are guilty, negligent and fraudulent, and had the effect of irremediably tarnishing and macular the electoral process carried out in this Precinct. Such a procedure, which diluted and violated the right to vote of the voters entitled to participate in these elections, produces serious doubts about the true result of that election and prevents determining with certainty who received the majority of the votes legally cast. No honest person can feel satisfied being declared the winner in these instances ”.

Prados Rodríguez also brought the complaint to the House of Representatives, “since Mr. Juan Oscar Morales took the oath on January 2, before the MVC candidate was notified of the election certification that gave him the right to challenge the Outcome. According to the Electoral Code and the Constitution of Puerto Rico, the aforementioned legislative body is the one who can pass judgment on the capacity and election of its members ”.

Juan Oscar Morales won the election by 128 more votes than Prados Rodríguez, who finished second.

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