August 1, 2021

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Eva Prados declares her possible triumph to the 3rd district of San Juan

Eva Prados Rodríguez, candidate for representative for District 3 of San Juan for the Victory Citizen Movement (MVC), announced that, after 10:00 pm, with 70.4 percent of the units reported, the advantage was maintained to achieve their triumph and make history for the communities he will represent.

Parents had 5,780 votes .; Juan Oscar Morales for the New Progressive Party with 4,769; José “Pepe” Ortiz of the Popular Democratic Party with 3,307; and Ángel L. Alicea for the Puerto Rican Independence Party with 926 votes.

However, the preliminary results of the State Elections Commission (CEE) presented other results.

According to the EEC, Prados had 1,180 votes, ranking second when Morales presented 1,418 votes.

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