May 15, 2021

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Everything ready for the opening of Golden Corral in Canóvanas

Mayor Lornna Soto Villanueva confirmed today that the Golden Corral restaurant has completed its construction work and is ready for the opening that is scheduled to conclude this Executive Order of the pandemic. At the same time, she welcomed the Uber Eats service that began to serve 100 percent today in the municipality of Canóvanas.

“For Canóvanas it is important to promote – with due caution due to the pandemic – economic and social development. That is why I am in constant communication with Justin Tirri, president of Richport Restaurant Inc.- entity that owns the Golden Corral franchise at the Canóvanas Outlet, about the progress of this project and others in development. As I was informed, the construction work of the Golden Corral is already 100% finished so everything is ready. The new restaurant has its Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of employees and customers. The place is beautiful, well lit and was located in the old Gap premises. In addition, it is very spacious as it has 14,000 square feet that manages to seat 400 people in normal times. Together, it has two main entrances, which allows access from the exterior and interior of the mall, ”the mayor explained in writing.

Soto Villanueva emphasized that “the municipality of Canóvanas achieved an attractive decree with incentives to promote this establishment and to employ over 150 employees, especially residents of Canóvanas, and new revenues for the municipality in patents. Our agenda with economic and social development in Canóvanas does not stop and today we celebrate this achievement of all. “

On the other hand, the Mayor welcomed Uber Eats. “Uber Eats begins in Canóvanas in times of a pandemic and we welcome it. First, because this modality will help us prevent the spread of COVID-19. Second, it promotes business sales and creates jobs. Benefits that are consistent with our action plan and efforts to promote economic and social development in Canóvanas. In fact, she also celebrated that now the application provides customers with the option of “pick up” for restaurants and a loyalty program that gives more rewards and discounts to consumers under its loyalty program, “she concluded.

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