June 15, 2021

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examples of sanitation for reopening schools

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FOOD – The safety and health protocols that have been used since August 2020 in children’s day care centers could serve as an example for the proper functioning of the reopening of schools in times of pandemic, as stated by Camille Colón López, assistant to preschool teacher, who works at the Paraíso Infantil Day Care Center in Comerío.

“I understand that if children from 3 to 5 years old have the capacity to understand that it is important to have their mask and take care of it, I believe that a population with an older age can understand it as well. Where I would emphasize is that the Department of Education or the schools that are working to be able to provide them with the materials they need so that the health protocols are complied with, ”advised Colón López.

As he explained, in the child day care center where he works, strict health protocols are carried out and, thanks to the fact that they have never lacked protection and cleaning materials, so far no outbreak of COVID-19 or any An incident to regret, despite the fact that last semester one of the co-workers tested positive for the virus, the protocol was quickly activated, the 14-day quarantine for the other employees and no one else was infected.

With this, Colón López testifies that the security and health measures that are being taken are being effective and, he understands that they could also be effective in the return to classes of the public education system.

Of course, he understands that it is best to ensure that there are fewer students per classroom to guarantee due physical distancing as is being done in his center where, due to the capacity of the place, they only have an enrollment of 26 children divided into 4 groups.

“We started with 6 children in August and the protocol was too strict and in fact it is still strict. We started using 24/7 gloves, masks, face shield and surgical gowns. All children change their masks right at the door before entering, their shoes are disinfected, the mother or the person who comes to deliver the child, their hands are disinfected and their temperature is taken “, he mentioned about part of the protocol at the entrance to the center.

He indicated that they also have acrylics for dividing the tables, they intersperse the hours of going to the yard because they cannot have so many children together, the children have their masks at all times, hand washing is constant and toys are disinfected.

Likewise, the maintenance manager of the center, while a group is outside, he re-cleans all the toys, tables, chairs, all the spaces that the children use, as well as the bathrooms and the entire center.

“At nap time, we place the babies on the cots, which are separated, one baby with his head up and the other with his head down and, at that moment, they do remove their masks because the babies are sleeping and we cannot risk being suffocated, but each one fulfills their distance and each one is in their little living room ”, assured Colón López.

Regarding meals, he explained that, when the time comes, each child has their assigned space and the child always uses the same space to avoid contagion and all kinds of situations.

“They have monitored the staff practically 24/7. We do the serological tests every two or three weeks and if any of the employees leaves with the altered test, that employee leaves, the molecular test is done and if it comes out positive, if necessary the other employees go into quarantine they leave, if not, they keep working with due precautions, ”he explained in the event of any contagion.

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