August 4, 2021

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Expert panel meets to discuss COVID-19

The Central Caribbean University (UCC) will hold a discussion on Facebook Live with a panel of experts that will present the latest information on COVID-19 and clarify doubts from the public, announced today the president of that institution Waleska Crespo. [19659002] The event COVID-19: unmasking the pandemic will count with the participation of several members of the COSACO group, among them its founder Dr. Jaime Claudio; the pulmonologist and UCC graduate, Luis Nieves Garrastegui, Dr. Carmen Zorrilla, also interim dean of research at the Medical Sciences Campus; and Dr. Luis Molinary, cardiologist and physician at the UCC. Also, will be the epidemiologist, in charge of the plan of raestro of the municipality of Villalba, Fabiola Cruz; the immunologist and associate professor at the UCC, Dr. Aníbal Valentín; and Dr. José F. Rodríguez Orengo, executive director of the Puerto Rico Health Public Trust.

The event will be broadcast live through the UCC's Facebook page today, Tuesday, July 21 at 6:00 pm

Panelists will speak about the impact that the virus has on the health and body of people who are infected, the treatments that are being tested, the correct use of the mask , the most recent research on the coronavirus and the studies carried out worldwide to develop a vaccine, among other topics.

“In addition to training health professionals, having scientific research and offering medical services, the Central Caribbean University It is distinguished by service to the community. As part of this service, we keep abreast of the health issues that most affect our society and develop mechanisms to guide and train citizens, "said Dr. Crespo.

" The discussion with the panel of experts This coming Tuesday is in addition to the one we recently held on the subject of racism and the online continuing education sessions we are offering. The objective is the same: to share health information in the most complete and evidence-based way, "concluded the president of the UCC.

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