May 14, 2021

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Express 52 closed in the direction of Caguas to San Juan due to a truck crash

The collision of a truck with cement fences at about 2:10 in the morning forced the closure of a section of the PR-52 express in the direction of Caguas to San Juan, at kilometer 1.2, at the height of the exit towards the Señorial Plaza shopping center in the Cupey area .

The assistant director of the Police Traffic Bureau, Elvin Zeno, explained to El Nuevo Día that the The truck driver was driving at a higher speed than allowed and, therefore, impacted all seven fences that divert traffic right in the area where the Highway Authority carries out work on the bridge in the direction of San Juan located there.

"We have no injuries, but the section was affected. There are edges of the fences on the road and we also have oil and fuel spills. E these events date back to 2:10 in the morning when the driver impacted the fences. We have all lanes closed on this section for which we urge drivers to take the PR-199 and PR-177 roads as alternate routes, as well as the PR-1 "explained the lieutenant in a telephone interview.

A crane lifts a crashed truck on PR-52. (Supplied)

Currently, the authorities are preparing to lift the trailer of the truck and attend to the fuel spill, so it is anticipated that the road will continue to be closed in said section.

This is a white 2012 Volvo truck. , of the García Service company, according to the Police.

In the preliminary investigation, the authorities considered as one of the motives that the driver of the truck was haggling with another truck and that is why he had the accident. However, those circumstances are still under investigation.

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