May 11, 2021

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Extend date for students to request and redeem incentive for the purchase of technological equipment

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and the Secretary of the Treasury Department (DH), Francisco Parés Alicea, reported this afternoon the extension of the period so that new students enrolled in university institutions, request an incentive for the purchase of technological equipment and redeem it.

“We are extending until November 15 the deadline for eligible students to apply the $ 1,000 aid offered by the Technological Solutions Program to acquire a computer, as well as the time to use the voucher, which will be until Monday, November 30, “said the governor.

Vázquez Garced recalled that the period to request the incentive expired on September 4, but given the limits imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates of application and use of the voucher have been extended.

For its part, Parés Alicea also announced an increase in the number of suppliers to the team, which now number 16, and stressed that they are still in negotiations for more businesses to join the project. “We are working so that more young people can benefit from the program that seeks to provide technological tools that allow them to continue their studies, within the new scenario in which we find ourselves,” said the secretary.

He also added that the government recognizes the challenges recently graduated students face and the urgent need to acquire adequate technological equipment or services to continue their studies under distance education programs established by universities or post-secondary institutions.

The Internal Revenue Circular Letter 20-35, available at, Publications section, establishes the guidelines for newly enrolled students to request the incentive.

Eligibility requirements include presenting evidence of graduation from public or private high school and enrollment in a postsecondary institution. Students will be able to select, according to their needs, between laptops and desktops, tablets and the devices necessary for connection, such as mobile wireless routers or satellite antennas.

Students over 21 years of age or their representative, if they are younger, must access their SURI account or open one, as the case may be, and in the I would like, More options section, select the link Registration – Technological Solutions Program for students starting university studies and completing the requested information.

Parés Alicea also said that the Department will process the request and automatically issue a Proof of Technological Solution for Students, in the name of the eligible student, which can be accessed in their SURI account in the Correspondence tab (“proof”). This will not be transferable.

The purchases made with the vouchers issued under the Program, They can only be done through Participating Sellers, to acquire pre-approved technology equipment or eligible connectivity plans intended to be used for the Eligible Student’s distance learning.

The names of authorized vendors will appear on the back of the voucher when it is issued. You can also access the SURI home page:, and without having to start a session, select the link Incentive – students who start university studies and click on the Participating Vendors link.

The secretary stressed: “It is important that the Participating Vendor records the transaction at the time of sale, including the information about the high school, college or postsecondary institution and the identification provided by the Eligible Student, as part of the required verification.”

The first executive highlighted that, “this financial aid comes from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, approved under the CARES Act and may also be used in telecommunications service plans, which allow students access to books, courses and other resources that are part of a distance education plan established by the chosen university institution, for a period of no more than 12 months ”.

For more information regarding the Program, you can access the Program Guides issued by the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF) at:

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