March 6, 2021

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Factories closed in Cabo Rojo and Orocovis after Health intervention for COVID-19 cases

Two factories closed voluntarily after personnel from the Investigation Unit of the Department of Health intervened with them for not complying with the protocols established to handle cases of COVID-19 and prevent its spread.

Both establishments, dedicated to the preparation of military uniforms, they must remain closed until they demonstrate to the Department of Health the compliance with the protocols.

“In the past few hours, personnel from the Health Department Investigations Unit intervened at the SNC Technical Services, LLC, located in Orocovis, and Proper, in Cabo Rojo, given that they had several positive cases of COVID-19 and did not follow proper protocols for contact tracing and disinfection of areas. In both cases, management was advised on the proper implementation of both protocols and they promised to follow them immediately and responsibly. After the intervention, the closure of the establishments was voluntary, "said the director of the Health Investigations Unit, Jesús Hernández.

The operation was carried out with the full and direct collaboration of the epidemiological team, police and personnel from both municipalities.

Any person who has information about the non-compliance of establishments in the measures of social distancing, crowding of people, use of masks, hand washing facilities or any other situation that puts danger to the safety of employees or visitors, you can write to email [email protected].

The information received, indicated the agency, will be confidential and handled by trained personnel for such situations.

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