April 17, 2021

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Fajardo launches awareness campaign on COVID-19

A video with a call for citizen awareness is the new orientation tool that the Municipality of Fajardo has just launched as part of the massive campaign they have in order to prevent contagion with Covid-19.

The mayor of the town, José Aníbal “Joey” Meléndez Méndez, reported that, since the beginning of the pandemic, the municipality has carried out multiple actions to prevent infections with the COVID-19. He specified that as the situation worsens, the municipality is increasing the strategies and tools to bring the message to citizens about the importance of prevention.

“The video is a call from citizens to citizens are Fajardeños representing various sectors of the people who carry the message, individually, of the importance of staying safe, taking care of ourselves and exhorting people to use the mask every time they leave their houses, ”said the mayor in written statements.

The announcement begins with the call of the journalist Pedro Rosa Nales, a prominent fajardeño in the media, with the participation of radio announcers from the town, merchants, a firefighter, the chief of the state police, the town priest, shepherds, fishermen , doctors, “el pitirre from Fajardeño”, Joaquín Mouliert, renowned boxers such as Mc Williams Arroyo and Subriel Matías, players such as Jean Félix Ortega and Luis Mateo and the basketball player Carlos Arroyo, are some of the Fajardeños who lent their voice in this call for prevention .

The mayor pointed out that the municipality continues with its effort to keep Fajardeños safe, saying that they continue to massively disinfect all public areas of the town. In addition, they are conducting free community tests in the different sectors, they continue to distribute personal kits with masks, alcohol, ‘hand sanitizer’ and gloves, they carry informational material about Covid19 to the various communities, they continue to deliver food boxes and they have activated the equipment of the Municipal Tracking System that has an epidemiologist, doctors, nurses and the support of the staff of the Municipal Emergency Management Office.

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