July 28, 2021

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False alarm on threat of explosive device

A call was received alerting about a bomb threat in the Ponce Court

Photo Daileen Joan Rodríguez

PONCE – In the morning hours today, an alleged threat of an explosive device was reported at the facilities of the Ponce Court.

According to the police report, sheriff’s personnel reported that a call was received to the Administration’s telephone box, where someone with a man’s voice alerted about a bomb threat in the place.

The people who work in the place, were evicted and located in a safe place, in which they carried out the search.

Rescue personnel from Ponce and Firefighters attended the scene together with the agents of the Ponce Oeste Precinct, under the supervision of Lieutenant Héctor Álvarez, Commander of the Ponce Oeste Precinct, who carried out the search in detail, resulting negative and resuming the work again.

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