May 12, 2021

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Family agglomerations contribute to the rise in COVID-19 cases

“52 percent of the cases are occurring in family activities”, highlighted the Secretary of Health

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San Juan – For the Secretary of Health, Dr. Carlos Mellado López, family agglomerations are the main causes of the increases in COVID-19 contagion.

“52 percent of the cases are occurring in family activities. What does that mean? That no matter how much the government closes everything in Puerto Rico, there will continue to be infections because there are still people who gather for family activities, and when I say family activities they are at home. The tracking system showed us that for the past month, that was what prevailed, “said Mellado López to questions from the press.

He explained that only 13 percent of positive cases arrive at airports.

“Less than thirteen percent of the cases that entered through airports are positive cases. Unfortunately, the cases where the infections are occurring the most are in family activities, which is 54 percent, ”he insisted.

He mentioned that 173 fines have been issued, 158 guidelines related to the executive order, 254 guidelines related to the epidemiological system, and 90 inspections of vaccination centers.

Regarding the variants of COVID-19, Mellado López highlighted that there are currently 50 cases in Puerto Rico.

“32 cases correspond to the British variant, 11 cases exist of the California variant and three cases correspond to the New York variant. There are also two cases of the one in Brazil. Here the two most important to watch are those in Brazil.

Regarding the vaccination of young people, Mellado López mentioned that there were over 17 thousand requests on the shift platform.

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