March 4, 2021

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Family of woman who appears in the brand Aunt Jemima opposes the change

The family of a Texas woman who once played Aunt Jemima has opposed the removal of the image on the packaging from the honey brand. .

Vera Harris, family historian Richard said the family is proud that Quaker Oates had sought out his second cousin Lillian Richard to become a representative for the brand in 1925, the KLTV news station reported.

“Much people want it removed. We want the world to know that our cousin Lillian was one of the Aunt Jemima and that she made a living honestly, “ said Harris to a local station.

Nancy Green was the first woman to portray the smiling cook but Lillian Richard later accepted the position with Quaker Oats in 1925, according to a historical indicator in Fouke, Texas .

“We ask you to reconsider simply erasing all of that. There weren’t many jobs, especially for black women at the time. She was discovered by Quaker Oats to be the personality of her brand, “said Harris.

The story describes Aunt Jemima as “a character from an 1875 song that later became popular in juggler shows, radio shows, and movies.”

Last week Quaker Oats said it was renaming the brand and removing the image of the black woman who was the face of the brand.

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