May 10, 2021

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Fauci says a vaccine should be available in 2021 | PRESENT

WASHINGTON – Once a Covid-19 vaccine is declared to be safe and effective, Americans should have access to it within a reasonable period in 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci told a legislative panel on Friday.

In his remarks to a House of Representatives subcommittee evaluating the nation's response to the pandemic, Fauci expressed "cautious" optimism that the vaccine will be accessible next year.

"I believe in Ultimately, Americans will be able to get it sometime in 2021, "said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

There will be a priority list for the first vaccinated. "I don't think everyone will be able to get it immediately (but) within a reasonable period of time plans allow every American who needs the vaccine to get it," he added.

By order of the White House, federal health authorities are conducting a plan called Operation Speed ​​of Light (Warp Speed) to make 300 million doses of a vaccine.

Fauci said 250,000 people have expressed interest in participating in studies with experimental coronavirus vaccines. They have registered on a government website to participate in the tests, which are crucial in demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Not all volunteers are able to participate.

Along with Fauci stated the director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield and the head of testing Department of Health Diagnostics, Admiral Brett Giroir.

At a time when early progress has seemingly been lost and a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the future course of the nation, Fauci urged lawmakers – and all Americans – to to return to basic health measures such as social distancing and the use of face masks.

The panel, The Chamber Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, is divided on reopening schools and businesses. Its president, Democrat James Clyburn, said the White House must develop a comprehensive plan to contain the virus. Senior Republican Steve Scalise said the government already has plans for vaccinations, testing, nursing homes and other aspects of the pandemic.

A flare-up of cases in the south and west has wiped out the hopes for a quick return to normal life. Problems of access to testing and delays in results are reported. Additionally, the vaccine race registers some progress, but none definitive.

Fauci's message to the people has been that Americans cannot afford to take a carefree attitude toward Covid-19 and that they must apply the distance measures, use masks, avoid crowds and interior spaces, such as bars. Redfield and Giroir insist on the same, although they are much less prominent personalities.

Fauci's insistence has provoked the anger of some followers of President Donald Trump and claims that he be fired, but this veteran of the struggles against AIDS and Ebola persists in its message while avoiding confrontations with the White House.

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