November 26, 2020

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Fault leaves without potable water service to sectors of Aguadilla, Aguada and Moca | government

A mechanical breakdown in the Montaña and Culebrina filter plants in Aguadilla caused both to operate in low production, so that subscribers living in Aguada, Moca and Aguadilla experience from low pressures to interruption of drinking water service.

This was reported by the engineer Nelson Saavedra, director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) in the Aguadilla area, who explained that staff works to repair the problems that affect the filtration plants.

Brigades make operational adjustments to the distribution system while production can be increased.

The places affected in Aguada include the Atalaya, Cruces, Guanábano, Jagüey, Lagunas, Naranjo, Piedras Blancas, Malpaso, Pueblo and Río Grande neighborhoods. In Moca, the upper parts could be affected including Voladoras, Cruz, Centro and Cuchillas.

While in Aguadilla, residents of the Cuesta Vieja, El Prado urbanization, Villanueva residential, Montaña residential, Caimital, Guerrero, Ceiba Baja, Corrales, Guerrero and Arenales neighborhoods have low pressure or lack of service.

The recovery of the service is expected from tomorrow.

Given the possibility of turbidity at the time of restoring the service, it is recommended to boil the water intended for human consumption for at least three minutes.

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