June 12, 2021

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FBI allocates resources to investigate the origin of the fire in Monacillos | government

Ten days after the LUMA Energy company assumed the operations of the transmission and distribution system of the country’s electric power system, a fire was reported today in a transformer in the Monacillo substation, a situation that caused more than 350,000 customers throughout the island to be without electricity.

As a result, personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrived at the substation tonight, confirmed the press spokesperson, Limary Cruz Rubio, in statements to EL VOCERO.

“We could not say that we are investigating the alleged cause because we do not know the origin of the fire that has left so many people without electricity at this time. However, we are evaluating the situation because it is definitely an emergency and as you know we always respond to emergencies with all our resources. At this moment, some resources were assigned to investigate the origin of the situation, ”said Cruz Rubio.

However, he mentioned that at present they are only evaluating because “it is not known if this was a criminal act or if it was an accident.” “So it would be premature to say that we are investigating, but we have definitely dedicated some resources to assess the situation and provide support to our fellow state members here on the island, who are attending to the situation,” he said.

According to the information published by the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), the 352,958 subscribers that remain without electricity are divided by region as follows: 9,923 Arecibo; 110,706 Bayamon; 53,917 Caguas; 64,511 Carolina; 6,188 Mayaguez; 11,106 Ponce; and 96,607 San Juan. The data was updated at 7:56 p.m.

“A fire broke out in a transformer at LUMA’s Monacillo substation. Protection systems interrupted electrical service. The restoration will begin in two hours and will continue overnight ”, stated LUMA, in a press release.

Meanwhile, Governor Pedro Pierluisi indicated that “all the resources of the government of Puerto Rico are available to handle the emergency caused by the fire at the Monacillos substation in Río Piedras.”

Given the situation, the Secretary of the Department of Health (DS), Carlos Mellado, also spoke to confirm that, despite the blackout, vaccines against covid-19 “are safe.” “Given the interruption in electricity service, our hospital facilities continue to offer health services and vaccines are safe. Our suppliers have generators and we have over 70 support centers to keep them safe ”, he added.

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