April 19, 2021

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Federal Agriculture Approves To Include Traditional Crops For Covid-19 Funding | government

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved including traditional agricultural businesses to receive aid funds for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP).

“Another achievement for thousands of Puerto Rican farmers who have been affected in three years by storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and now the effects of a pandemic. USDA will include traditional agricultural companies that suffered a great economic impact, such as coffee, bananas and bananas, mango, pineapple, roots and tubers to which they can receive aid, ”said Governor Wanda Vázquez.

Every farmer who can be Eligible must fill out the form available on the USDA website on or before September 11, 2020, accessing [ http://www.farmers gov / cfap] www.farmers, gov / cfap

Meanwhile, Flores Ortega indicated that “approved applications can receive a maximum of $ 250,000 per farmer, with some limited exceptions. The money that will be awarded to each farmer depends on a table that evaluates the ropes of the farms and the production cycle.

The secretary of the DA detailed that, in the letter sent to the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Sonny Perdue, and in keeping with the governor's priorities, asked in the same way that companies that work with coriander, recao, lettuce, chili and ornamental plants, among others, be included.

“On behalf of the farmers of Puerto Rico, we claim that all the companies considered as "specialty crops" that were left out of the aid program can benefit from this aid administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) ", added Flores Ortega.

The program will be available to any farmer who can demonstrate that has had losses of more than 5% in the price of its crop or that it lost it due to the dislocations of the markets caused by the coronavirus between the months of January and April 2020.

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