August 5, 2021

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FEI files complaint against former Secretary of the Family | government

The Panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor (FEI) announced that it filed a complaint against the former secretary of the Department of the Family, Glorimar Andújar, after an extensive analysis of the allegations of actions contrary to the Law.

The investigation began with the allegation of an alleged “sale of the elderly” scheme and other complaints in which agency officials, including Andújar, were involved.

“After our analysis, we concurred with the recommendation of the investigating prosecutor. In accordance with the foregoing, we decree the filing of this matter without any subsequent procedure being necessary for it, "said the Panel through former judges Rubén Vélez Torres and Ygrí Rivera Sánchez.

The complaint was made by the then Director of Family Licensing, Bárbara González Nieves, in an affidavit from last September 3.

Investigative Prosecutor Crisanta González Seda presented a report on February 20 —which has not been evaluated until now by the Covid-19 emergency – with the allegations against Andújar for improper intervention, abuse, persecution, labor harassment and request to buy ticket offices for political activities.

“Neither the Department of Justice, nor the investigation by the investigating prosecutor of the FEI to the Secretary of the Family, found a basis in the statements and the documentation provided to support the allegations, "explained the FEI.

The investigating prosecutor did not found some evidence that justifies the designation of an FEI to carry out a more in-depth investigation into the charges by González Nieves.

“Given this, there is total absence of evidence that the now-ex-secretary of the Department of the Family covered up and / or collaborated in any act of corruption, since, according to the documentation received from the Department of the Family, the alleged criminal acts that are attributed to Mrs. Santos, occurred during the years 2012-2016, "the report cites. [19659009]

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