May 11, 2021

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FEI files the complaint against the former Family Secretary

The panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor (FEI) filed a complaint filed against the former secretary of the Department of the Family Glorimar Andújar after a pattern of undue intervention, labor harassment and the requirement that agency employees will buy ticket offices for political activities.

The complaint reached the FEI on September 3, 2019 through Bárbara González Nieves, who was director of Family licensing. The complainant had already filed a complaint with the Department of Justice on December 11, 2018.

“After an extensive analysis of the documentation collected in the preliminary investigation carried out on possible actions contrary to the law of the former secretary of the Department of the Family, lawyer Glorimar Andújar, the FEI Panel concurred with the recommendation of the Investigating Prosecutor and ordered the case file ", reads part of an imprecise press release released this afternoon by the FEI.

The investigation was carried out based on of September 26, 2019 by investigator Crisanta González Seda, who concluded that the charges against Andújar could not be proven.G González Seda did conclude that Justice, then led by Wanda Vázquez, failed to notify the FEI Panel in time of the complaint filed against Andújar.

"Neither the Department of Justice, nor the investigation by the investigating prosecutor of the FE I found the Family Secretary in the statements and the documentation provided to support the allegations "read the statement.

" The investigating prosecutor could not identify any evidence that justifies the appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor to carry out a more in-depth investigation into the allegations of Mrs. González Nieves ".

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