August 4, 2021

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FEMA allocates more than $ 238 million to PREPA | government

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) allocated more than $ 238 million to the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) for costs related to damages suffered due to earthquakes in 28 rapid response units that supply electricity to facilities critical until Costa Sur units are back in service.

Costa Sur is the largest of the island’s four power plants, supplying about a quarter of the electricity to Puerto Rico. The facilities suffered extensive structural damage from earthquakes in January, compromising foundations, walls and supporting structures.

The damage caused blackouts across the island, leaving more than 327,000 subscribers without power.

The 28 rapid response units currently in use are located in Aguirre, Cambalache, Daguao, Jabos, Mayagüez, Palo Seco, Vega Baja and Yabucoa.

The units, which typically operate only when there is a high demand for electricity, were used after the earthquakes to save lives and prevent further damage to property.

These generating systems are used to power critical facilities, such as hospitals, Police departments, Fire stations, emergency centers and water facilities.

“The assignment addresses the need to maintain electricity generation capacity for the benefit of thousands of residents who have these essential services in their towns. We will continue to work closely with the government of Puerto Rico to ensure that the recovery from the earthquakes is successful, ”said the federal disaster recovery coordinator for Puerto Rico, José Baquero Tirado.

Protective measures in emergencies like these are actions taken to eliminate or lessen immediate threats, be it to lives, public health, or safety. Similarly, the efforts help reduce significant additional damage to public or private property in a cost-effective manner.

“We appreciate FEMA’s continued support in providing the resources necessary to mitigate damage and support critical facilities. We continue to work together to rebuild PREPA’s infrastructure, not only to offer essential electricity services, but also to save lives, strengthen public health and provide quality of life, “said the Executive Director of the Central Recovery Office. , Reconstruction and Resilience, Ottmar Chávez.

To date, FEMA has allocated over $ 240 million for earthquake-related costs.

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