June 25, 2021

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FEMA and COR3 Provide Information on Recovery from Hurricane Maria | government

The executive director of the Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (COR3, acronym in English), Ottmar Chávez, and the federal coordinator of recovery in Puerto Rico, Alex Amparo, offered an update on the recovery process of the Hurricane María to the work team of the majority and minority members of the National Security Committee of the United States House of Representatives.

In the telephone meeting, data and significant information on the progress of the recovery of the Hurricane María.

Among the highlights it was pointed out that since January of the current year the funds for the recovery have increased, the average approved being more than 300 projects.

“It is important to highlight that during April, May and June More than 500 monthly project obligations were carried out. Meanwhile, in the total process of recovery, some seven billion have been obligated. This, without a doubt, is an important advance, considering that we have faced other disasters this year. While we recognize that there is a long way to go, Puerto Rico's recovery is on track and in progress. We will continue to provide assistance to the sub-recipients so that they can effectively carry out their reconstruction works and achieve the proposed goals, ”said Chávez.

Likewise, other initiatives that have been coordinated and worked between FEMA and COR3 to advance permanent projects of critical infrastructure for the energy, education and water sectors that will later be confirmed and disclosed.

“We appreciate the efforts of the government of Puerto Rico, the COR3 team, and the National Security committee to achieve our joint goal of an island resilient for future generations. Our mission is a historic one and the commitment of our work team is to continue providing support to the people of Puerto Rico before, during and after disasters, "commented Amparo.

For her part, the executive director of the Federal Affairs Administration of Puerto Rico, Jennifer Storipan, indicated that “during the past year, Puerto Rico has faced countless unprecedented challenges, but despite everything, we have seen the resilience of our people and we are proud of how far we have come in our recovery efforts. ”

He added that“ today the Island is accelerating recovery projects and the people of Puerto Rico are seeing those results. We will continue to collaborate with the Congressional Committees of jurisdictions to provide updates on the revitalization projects and the status of the recovery of our Island. ”

Both FEMA and COR3 will be continuing communications and updates with the members of the committee, as requested .

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