August 4, 2021

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FEMA approves funds to repair 13 public spaces on the Island | government

Alex Amparo, federal coordinator of Disaster Recovery for Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, announced today the allocation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of about 579 thousand dollars to repair public spaces in 13 municipalities of the Island.

“The public squares are historical and emblematic places of Puerto Rican culture. Being part of the repair of these spaces is what drives us to continue with recovery efforts, "said Amparo.

Two of the squares with assignments for their revitalization are the Placita de la Recordación and the Plaza Pública José A He searched, in Sabana Grande, with an investment of around 103 thousand dollars. Built in 1910, the Plaza is the main meeting and recreation center where cultural and religious activities are held, such as the patron saint festivities.

Next to the plaza is the Placita de la Recordación, where the bust of the unknown soldier can be seen , in honor of war veterans, among other representations of famous figures of the town. The funds will be used to replace lighting fixtures, to paint the pavilions, and other tasks.

“We hope that once the improvement and reconstruction projects are completed, our urban area will be repopulated again, providing recreation and a meeting place for our families and friends, "said the mayor of Sabana Grande, Noel Matías Borreli.

Besides, the iconic Plaza de Recreo Ramón Emeterio Betances and Alacán de Cabo Rojo, which before the current distancing measures received around 400 visitors a day, it will be renovated thanks to a grant of around $ 65,000.

The square was built from the town's origins in 1759, and is surrounded by historical structures, such as the San Miguel Arcángel church, which was designated a historical monument in 2004 .

In addition, the public square Francisco M. Zeno of the municipality of Cidra, received an award of over 26 thousand dollars. The space, named in honor of this historian, journalist and former mayor of Cidreño, was assigned the funds for the arrangement of the pavilion, lighting fixtures, benches, electrical panels and the painting of its central source, among others.

The other municipalities that received assignments to repair their playgrounds are Arroyo, Barranquitas, Carolina, Cataño, Dorado, Naguabo, Orocovis, Patillas, Rincón and Vieques.

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