July 30, 2021

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FEMA tracks $ 12 billion allocation | government

The administrator of the Federal Administration for Emergency Management (FEMA, in English), Peter Gaynor, met this afternoon in La Fortaleza with government officials to see how the process of designating the projects for the $ 12.804 million in federal funds for rebuilding the electrical system and schools.

Gaynor met with Governor Wanda Vázquez and Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González. Upon leaving the meeting, they assured that they discussed the advancement of the designation of these funds, which must be delivered by December to the federal government.

“The fact that the FEMA administrator is here means the importance of the approved allocation of more than $ 12,000 million for the reconstruction of the electrical system, which is the spearhead to bring the manufacturing industry,” said González.

“There is a date and it is December 24 that the government has to deliver the plans and say which projects will be in this reconstruction in terms of the electricity and education system and how the agencies are in compliance,” he added.

Vázquez, for his part, said that they will identify each of the works that are carried out with these funds.

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