May 15, 2021

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Feminist collective demands dismissal of judge who handled Andrea Ruiz case

The Feminist Collective protested this morning in front of the Caguas Court of First Instance where, last March, Andrea Ruiz Costas tried unsuccessfully to obtain a protection order against Miguel Ángel Ocasio Santiago. The protesters demanded the dismissal of the judge who did not protect the woman who was beaten to death and burned by the man against whom she was requesting a protection order.

“We joined the self-organized demonstration in front of the Caguas Court to demand the dismissal of Judge Ingrid Alvarado Rodríguez. Judge Alvarado Rodríguez denied her the Protection Order requested by Andrea Cristina Ruiz Costa, whose body was found burned in Guavate. The State and its institutions are primarily responsible for the crisis of gender violence that is going through us. The system does not fail us. The system IS the one that kills us, violates us and then represses us for demanding justice “, reads a publication in the Facebook page of La Colectiva Feminista with images of the protest.

“We are fed up with the system, we are put on the problem … Complaint filed, murdered woman”, the refrains were heard in front of the Court of little more than a dozen protesters. Vehicles passing through the area honked their horns in support of the demonstration.

Here is the video of the protest shared on the FB of La Colectiva:

On March 26, Ruiz Costas went to the Caguas court for an incident of gender violence, but Judge Alvarado found no cause for the arrest of Miguel Ángel Ocasio Santiago and a protection order was not issued either.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Maite Oronoz reassigned all domestic violence cases in the Caguas Court, while investigating the handling of the Ruiz Costas case. For the president of the Puerto Rican Association of the Judiciary, Carlos Salgado Schwartz, it is unfair to point out any responsibility to Judge Alvarado for the murder of Ruiz Costas. “The responsibility for this death is not attributable to any member of the Judicial Branch, the responsibility for this death is attributable to Andrea’s murderer,” said the judge of the Court of Appeals in a televised interview with Telenoticias. Likewise, he has criticized in the news media the actions taken by the presiding judge of the Supreme Court. This morning, the Court Administration clarified that Judge Salgado Schwartz does not speak for the Judiciary, but for the union he represents.

Yesterday there was another demonstration to demand justice for Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz right on the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge from where it was thrown into the San José lagoon. This afternoon, another demonstration was called in front of La Fortaleza to demand action and resources associated with the Declaration of a State of Emergency for Violence Against Women.

The women murdered so far this year are:

  • Angie Noemi González Santos
  • Jeanette Rodriguez Ramos
  • Rosita Alicea Delgado
  • Luz Velez Santiago
  • Andrea Ruiz Costas
  • Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz
  • Samuel Edmund Valentin (transman)

If you are in a violent relationship or feel threatened, seek help at 787-722-2977 or search through these support options: HERE

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