April 23, 2021

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Few bathers go to the beaches on the Night of San Juan

The fear of a possible contagion with the COVID-19 added to the dust layer of Sahara that covers the island since yesterday seem to have discouraged bathers who, on a day like today and at this time, they would have occupied the main beaches of the metropolitan area to celebrate the traditional Night of San Juan.

Leonarda Accumulada arrived at the beach of the Last Trolley with her daughters around noon. Although he did not arrive so early, he got a good shade, where he located a beach chair and a few belongings. From there, he watched his daughters enjoying the sea. “The truth is that it is sad and very empty. But another year will be and we hope that there will be nothing with the favor of God, "Accumulada shared in reference to the pandemic.

Contrary to previous years, they did not bring food nor could they take the traditional dip at midnight. "We stayed up late because we brought everyone, food, rice, pork, everything … this year some sad little sandwiches there and now because it is not possible," he said.

The authorities had reported that, in compliance with the executive order, the people had to be back home at 10:00 pm The tradition of the Night of San Juan is to dive several times into a body of water.

Meanwhile, the spas managed by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) would close today at 7:00 am pm

“It makes us think that people are understanding the situation the country is going through. We are facing a pandemic that has affected the entire world. Also, now, Sahara powder is added. People have done their part, "said Lieutenant Elvis Zeno Santiago, assistant director of the Highway Patrol Bureau.

The officer had taken a tour of the metropolitan area and said that the outlook throughout the coast was similar. [19659005] The head of the Municipal Police of San Juan, José Caldero, indicated that, in his case, 61 agents were activated to provide surveillance in the event of any emergency. "We have visited everything that is San Juan and there are very few people … this haze is dangerous and it is what one is breathing" he said.

On a tour of the area of Last Trolley in Ocean Park, the area looked practically desolate despite being one of the most visited. The police presence, however, is considerable, both by sea and by land.

One of those who prepared for further assistance was Ramón Morel who owns a kiosk for natural drinks. "I prepared myself regularly because I said: 'if it fills up, well then,' if not, you have to deal with what comes. But many people are afraid of coronaviruses and it is difficult, "he noted.

However, he indicated that during the past week and the weekend there was a greater movement of bathers. " We hoped that this would be full, but people are very afraid because as they have not yet found any cure, remedy or anything, because people do not want to take risks and many do not hear advice either," Morel said.

Carmen Lydia Dávila said that she was going with the intention of clearing herself for a while and seeing people bathe. However, her husband, Marcial Rivera, had another idea in mind. "I put myself in here to take a dip, shake myself and leave things here, in the water," said the resident of Villa Palmera.

Rivera shared the opinion that, contrary to other years, attendance "has fallen considerably . At this time, this is supposed to be full, "she said.

María Calderón, who since she was a child, celebrates the Night of San Juan on the beach of the Last Trolley. “My parents brought me here since I was little and we followed the tradition. It was a good party, but long ago. Now I don't see the same movement … there was music, they brought orchestras, people were like more family, "he said.

" We were locked up because with this virus one has to be locked up and I am more than an adult already " Calderón commented that he was visiting the sea for the first time since the imposition of the curfew in March.

Shany Rodríguez and Carlos Quiñones also enjoyed the beach, but they did not come with the intention of celebrating the Night of San Juan, but because they arrived yesterday to vacation on the island. "I thought it was going to be fuller … but it must be the mist because we have felt it a lot. It is strong. I got up and the first thing I had to do is go buy allergy pills, "said Rodríguez.

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