July 28, 2021

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Fight between tourists is formed at the airport | PRESENT

At a time when the reopening of international tourism is on hiatus due to the rebound in coronavirus cases (Covid-19), an altercation occurred between passengers at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (LMM).

In several videos circulated on social networks, a fight is observed between at least six people, some without masks and others without using it correctly.

Officers of the Police Bureau intervened to separate the tourists. Everything happened while a large number of people surrounded the perpetrators of the altercation, without following any measure of social distancing.

According to a report by the authorities, the incident occurred around 4:30 in the afternoon in Terminal B from the airport.

Preliminary information points out that, while flight 687 to Philadelphia was in its flight for about 15 minutes, two simultaneous situations arose.

It was a situation with a passenger who allegedly she was violent towards other passengers, and on the other hand, a passenger was suffering a health accident. After evaluating the situations, the captain decided to return to the boarding terminal.

Once all passengers are evicted from the plane, approximately 20 to 30 passengers begin to assault a passenger, identified as Blawer Diskson More, 33 years old. This was the passenger who was upset on the plane.

A second passenger identified as Spencer Crone, 32, was assaulted while trying to defend the victim.

Blawer, a Philadelphia resident, declined to receive medical assistance nor is it interested in continuing the investigation. However, agents assigned to the airport will continue with the investigation.

In written statements, the airport's management company, Aerostar, indicated that the pilot was the one who decided to disembark all the passengers, in response to a dispute between two passengers. [19659002] "The pilot of a plane leaving San Juan bound for the city of Philadelphia, while still on the runway, determined to return the ship to the departure post, after a passenger reported that he was unwell." return, a dispute arises between two passengers, so in addition to disembarking the passenger who is in poor condition, the pilot determined to evict all passengers, "he explained.

Once all relocated to the" gate ", there was a second altercation between the passengers of the initial incident and the rest.

“Immediately, the security protocol was activated and the police intervened, controlling the situation and arresting the two involved in the initial incident. There were no arrests because the attacked passenger did not want to proceed with the complaint, "he reported.

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