July 28, 2021

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Fight for your dreams! – First hour

Discipline. Definitely, that has been the key to achieving success in my life. Discipline has marked my route and it must mark yours.

The road has not been easy, because many doors were closed for me. But, with passion (the most powerful word for me), commitment, dedication and a definite purpose, my dreams were getting a little closer. I recommend the same to each of you to achieve happiness and feel fulfilled. Of course, all with solid principles instilled at home by parents or guardians and at school, plus faith in God and having him as the only guide.

Today I thank Primera Hora newspaper for the opportunity to address my country and share the steps towards my dreams. Also, thanks to the president of Telemundo, José Cancela, for trusting me and opening the channel’s doors to this Pedreño with a suitcase of dreams and eager to show his talents.

The pandemic has made me a better human being. At the most critical stage of the global public health emergency, I remember how difficult it was to make a game show without an audience on the channel and without participants. I had to mentally wrestle with myself to understand that this was the situation we were experiencing and we had to move forward with the program. I prepared myself every day as if there were 200 people in the studio… So we could evolve and get ahead.

I come from below! I never tire of saying it. I have been working since I was 16 years old. My goal was to be a television host. I started as a DJ with borrowed speakers, because I didn’t have money to buy them and scratched CDs… I sang for five years with the Víctor Roque and La Gran Manzana orchestra, breaking nights. The same by animating marquee parties with my sound equipment or in nightclubs. Those growth opportunities, including smaller ones on television, will never be erased from my memory.

Alex DJ, entertainer

Everyone asks me and, honestly, today I confess that I do not worry about being an example for society, but that I take care every minute of being pride for my parents and the family that I have formed, for contributing to the quality of life in me town of Las Piedras, as in all of Puerto Rico. All that I know makes me a good citizen.

In life, whatever you do, whatever you work on, to be happy you must do what you are passionate about. That is more important than money, than property, than luxuries. Only if you feel passion for what you do, you will be happy. Show your commitment to life! All this will fill you with energy so that the route is not long, so that the falls are not a failure.

Yes, I recognize that my long-awaited opportunity to work on television did not come, until life taught me that it only depended on me, on how much I was willing to sacrifice or give to others in each step, in each tear, in each stumbling block, in every door that they closed on me.

I make an invitation to everyone today. We will fight for our dreams! These will become realities if you persevere, if you respect others, if you have a vocation. Live, believe in yourself, be happy, go the extra mile! Always remember: with your triumphs, Puerto Rico wins.

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