July 28, 2021

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Find out about this change in WhatsApp

San Francisco. The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp announced that from this Monday users can join video calls once they have started, so that it will not be necessary for all participants to be ready at the beginning of the meeting.

In a corporate blog post, the Facebook-owned app explained that “some of the best conversations happen when we least expect it.” So from now on, if someone cannot connect to the call when they receive it, they will still have the option to access it later.

Similarly, any of the participants can hang up, leave the video conference and return to it later if they wish.

This option is already available in other video calling tools such as Zoom or Google Meet, but until now it was not possible to do it in WhatsApp.

Another novelty announced this Monday by the popular messaging platform is an information screen that will be shown to all participants and that will indicate who is connected to the videoconference, as well as who has been invited but not yet connected.

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