May 15, 2021

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Fine for a total of $ 11,600 to various gas franchises

With a total of $ 11,600.00 in fines after 48 interventions carried out, agents of the Transportation and Other Public Services Bureau (NTSP), mobilized to different areas of the Island, to carry out a massive security operation on gas franchises.

The NTSP is the government entity in charge of regulating and supervising public service companies, including transportation, gas facilities and plants.

“We continue to focus on participating actively and proactively in activities that seek to reduce the risk of accidents and protect the life and safety of our citizens,” said the president of the NTSP, engineer Jaime Lafuente.

The president added that “this type of operation is of the utmost importance for our Agency since we ensure that the facilities and transportation of gas, a material classified as dangerous, complies with all the regulations of the Federal Transportation Security Administration ( FMCSA) “

Likewise, the NTSP’s Office of Transportation Safety and Hazardous Materials (STMP) specializes in regulating this type of transportation on public roads in Puerto Rico.

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