June 12, 2021

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Fire in Monacillos leaves 700,000 subscribers without electricity

The fire that broke out today in the Monacillos substation, in Río Piedras, left some 700,000 subscribers without electricity, detailed the president of LUMA Energy, Wayne Stensby.

By 8:45 p.m., about 100,000 customers had service restored, Stensby added in statements to reporters from the scene of the incident.

According to LUMA, a fire in a transformer caused “the protection systems” to interrupt the electrical service “to the power lines that connect with the generation plants. This occurs to avoid further damage ”.

Restoring service will take between six to eight hours, LUMA said.

So far, it is unknown what caused the fire. No people were reported injured.

Among the municipalities with sectors without electricity -reported by users of social networks- are: San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Dorado, Vega Alta, Carolina, Bayamón, Fajardo, Toa Alta, Loíza, Caguas, Culebra, Guaynabo, Naranjito and Canóvanas, among others.

Earlier, Governor Pedro Pierluisi indicated that “all the resources of the government of Puerto Rico are available to handle the emergency.”

Images sent to Primera Hora immediately after the explosion showed a column of smoke and flames of fire in the affected area. “A big crash like short circuits and it exploded,” said a citizen who lives near the place.

The blackout also affected work on the Capitol, where the House of Representatives went dark in full session.

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