January 23, 2021

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Fire services are normal despite cyber attack

The attack began on Wednesday at about 4:00 in the afternoon

Photo: EFE / Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló

San Juan – The commissioner of the Puerto Rico Fire Department, Alberto Cruz Albarrán, said this Thursday that they continue to provide services to citizens normally, despite the cyber attack against the agency that began on Wednesday afternoon.

“Citizens can be calm. We continue to provide daily services. Telephone calls through 9-1-1 or at our fire stations continue to be received, ”said Cruz Albarrán, about the attack by cyber hackers that began at about 4:00 pm on Wednesday.

Through an email, some “hackers” told the Fire Brigade that they had encrypted the database servers that belong to that agency.

They demanded $ 600,000 in exchange for giving access to the database.

“We have reported to the Police Bureau that the Fire Department’s systems are compromised after an outsider had access to it and requested money in exchange for the return of the accesses. The IT staff of the Bureau in conjunction with the Department of Public Security works to correct the situation together with the corresponding authorities, ”said Cruz Albarrán.

Cruz Albarrán explained that the administrative and data center of the agency was affected. At the moment, if an employee calls to verify their vacation or sick leave balance, they do not have it available.

The agency has a copy of your information

“As of today (Thursday) we are recovering the data with the backup system.” Cruz Albarrán explained that since yesterday, Wednesday, they have data until July and continue to recover information.

The investigation of the incident is being carried out by agents of the Property Unit of the Criminal Investigation Corps in conjunction with the San Juan Cyber ​​Crimes Division.

Cruz Albarrán said that once the police complete the investigation, they will decide if it is necessary to refer the findings to another agency.

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