April 16, 2021

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First firm that can certify staff in sustainability urges adoption of best practices – Caribbean Business

SAN JUAN – CTI Consulting Group, a leading human resources firm that is the only one in Puerto Rico accredited to certify professionals to develop sustainability programs for companies, assured in a press release that these will be “key in the new post- COVID-19 world order. ”

CTI, which also provides career transition and organizational and cultural transformation consulting for companies, and SIP Group, a leading firm in sustainability and innovation consulting services in the Dominican Republic, recently entered into an alliance to offer design and development of sustainability plan service and a sustainability certification for personnel in Puerto Rico organizations.

The press release explains that the “International Certification in Sustainability is provided by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence based in Chicago… and by the Chartered Management Institute based in London. ”

CTI President Viviane Fortuño recommends companies to pursue the objective of making “sustainability in the post-pandemic reconstruction of COVID as a priority, since it will be key in the new post-COVID-19 world order,” the release reads.

“The situation that has caused the pandemic should be taken as an opportunity in organizations to develop sustainability and emerge stronger, organized and planned for the future, ”said Fortuño, adding that she has already conducted seminars for the Puerto Rico Chamber of Food Marketing, Industry & Distribution (MIDA by its Spanish acronym ) and the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association to educate on how to achieve certification.

The executive explained that sustainable development focuses on the social, environmental and economic aspects of growth, such as problems that may affect quality of life, “the environment and the role of companies. Sustainability work consists of defining actions that contribute to better distribution and management of the use of natural resources and the generation of opportunities for all people, ”the firm said in its release.

“ A microscopic virus is testing our full capacity to adapt as a society. It is a new reality that brings both advantages and uncertainties, losses and gains. In the business world, we are facing an opportunity for reconfiguration that accentuates the need to think about sustainable development when visualizing the resurgence when the crisis passes.

In addition to analyzing how we are going to recover economic losses, the pandemic crisis drives us to focus on how to achieve a more sustainable world and thus minimize the possibilities of other eventualities such as what we are experiencing, ”said Fortuño, adding that companies of all sizes, “from startups to large multinationals can and would benefit from contributing to accelerate these changes by taking advantage of the pandemic as an opportunity.”

The release says that sustainability experts work “at trying to convey to the business sector that the Sustainable Development Goals, created and promoted by the United Nations (UN) since 2015, open a wide range of economic opportunities that could be the exit door for the economic crisis in which many countries and sectors are submerging due to the pandemic. ”

Fortuño said that despite the fact best practices are being discussed“ in global terms, I do not want this to seem ”like it“ does not concern us in Pu erto Rico or that cannot be implemented here. On the contrary, it should encourage us to catch up and find solutions to our long-term situations, such as adopting sustainability. ”

As for the economic benefits, Fortuño said the job losses could be offset by the employment“ generated through the implementation of a circular economy model with investment in the field of renewable energy. ”

Besides being the right thing to do, she said the pursuit of sustainability improves a company's image, adding that“ it should not be forgotten that for the transition to these models of sustainable production, the action of public administrations and the support of a sustainable development strategy at the national level that includes measures and aid for companies that decide to bet on them are necessary. ”

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