August 1, 2021

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First kosher meat production plant inaugurated on the island

“The expansion of these facilities, in addition to improving the production of pork, also opens up new opportunities for beef farmers,” said the Secretary of Agriculture.

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Naguabo – In the growth of the agricultural sector, the agricultural industry opens a new market line that will serve those who consume “kosher” beef in Puerto Rico and at the same time a new business that will export to the United States market through Ganaderos Borges, reported on Thursday the secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Carlos Flores Ortega.

“The expansion of these facilities, in addition to improving the production of pork, also opens up new opportunities for beef farmers. We must continue collaborations like these, focused on facilitating, supporting and strengthening the agricultural and livestock development of our Country. Ganaderos Borges, is a family business and we are pleased that agribusinesses are using the incentives correctly, making the Department’s performance proud, ”the secretary said in a written communication.

Likewise, he assured that in line with the governor’s priorities with the livestock industry, they are providing a new turn to the traditional production of the beef sector in the country.

“We are promoting the use of improved genetics, better animals, to offer high value meats to Muslim and Jewish communities that require kosher certification for their consumption,” added the head.

Precisely, the DA under the Investment Funds Program and Law Number 118 has contributed 680 thousand dollars to the company, which corresponds to 50 percent of the investment in its remodeling and expansion projects.

Ganaderos Borges is the first in the Caribbean to be certified as a “kosher” beef producer and has 120 employees.

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), supported the expansion of Ganaderos Borges by encouraging the production of meat products so that they comply with the certification known as Kosher. It guarantees that the product meets the strict requirements for cleanliness, purity and quality.

For his part, the secretary of the DDEC, Manuel Laboy Rivera, said that “through this Kosher certification, Ganaderos Borges will have the opportunity to commercially enter a constantly growing market niche both in Puerto Rico and abroad. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, in 2018 the worldwide Kosher food industry was estimated at $ 19 trillion and is expected to reach $ 25.620 trillion by 2026. This private investment of approximately $ 500,000 was supported by $ 271,000 in incentives from the DDEC that comes from the Special Fund for Economic Development of the Industrial Development Company and is aimed at the acquisition of machinery and equipment necessary to obtain the recognized certification. At the DDEC we will continue to support investments so that more companies innovate in their operations, guaranteeing a positive return on investment for Puerto Rico ”.

While the president of the company, César Borges, expressed his gratitude; “My family and I are grateful for all the continuous help we receive from the administration, both from Agriculture and the DDEC, we are on track to be exporters of” kosher “beef, being the first in the Caribbean to receive certification and have the facilities suitable for processing the product “.

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